Recommended Trades

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Expert Plumbing & Gas Services would like to recommend the following trades to help our valued clients find other trustworthy tradespeople in the area:

  • Kwaliteit Construction (Builder)
    Delivering high-end detail using sustainable resources and practices.   9008 6990
  • Bespoke Bathrooms (Tiler)
    Precision tiler with a broad knowledge base.  Ben will amaze you with the creation that lays ahead.   0477 218 174
  • Evergreen Electrical Solutions (Electrician)
    Very local honest company, creative lighting ideas at low environmentally friendly wattage.  0419 358 802
  • Camila The Caulker (Caulking Specialist)
    Camila services in providing a sleek and robust finish to waterproofing using caulk, for residential and commercial projects  0468 738 585

Please note: The list above is in no way directly associated with Expert Plumbing & Gas Services.  This list is offered out of courtesy and no liability is associated with Expert Plumbing & Gas Services.